<p>A sprinkle 
of who we are</p>

A sprinkle 
of who we are

Let’s talk about philosophy. Or as we like to call it, food-osophy.

mouth waterfalling
taste without
the sugar

When you think “healthier treats”, people don’t believe they’ll be any tastier than the cardboard they come in. But hold the phone!

Because at Noshu, we’ve redefined what’s possible and created a world where health and indulgence are best mates!

How? Well, we found our own unique way to make our favourite delicious treats without all that sugar, and make them taste just as amazing. We do this by creating our own special combo of natural ingredients (and bit of sweet alchemy)… so you can let loose and finally enjoy your old school faves without a sugar high and carby low.

Our natural sweeteners are plant-based ingredients that work in synergy and are zero or low GI. They may taste sweet and delish, but more importantly, they don’t act like sugar does in your body – plus, we use 100% natural colours and flavours. Most of our products are also low carb or reduced in carbohydrates, and we have created some gluten free, dairy free and vegan options where possible.

yay, nature!

delicious and

We believe that feel-good treats should be both good for your body, and for the planet. We’re always looking for ways to make our products more sustainable and ethically sourced.

That’s why we source our cocoa products responsibly and buy from Rainforest Alliance certified farms. That way, we can create our low sugar treats (and you can enjoy them) while helping to end deforestation, protect our natural resources, and create a better future for farmers and forest communities.

By teaching farmers how to use their land better, the Rainforest Alliance helps them to grow more crops naturally (with natural pest-control techniques). They also work to improve human rights issues like child labour and gender inequality. This helps them to make a better income, while protecting the environment and worker’s rights at the same time (a pretty great deal if you ask us).


Noshu believes in working with nature, not against her. That’s why we support a 100% Non-GMO ingredient supply policy. We never use ingredients that contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or GM constituents.

What about packaging sustainability?

Packaging is important for both freshness and convenience – so this is a biggie for us! We believe all brands play a critical role in working towards a sustainable future. Sustainability is a journey, and we are committed to making constant improvements to our sustainability footprint.

As a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant, we’ve taken a pledge to improve more and more, year on year. We’ve replaced all our hard plastics with fully recyclable PET, improved our designs to eliminate the need for PVC, and are hopeful the RedCycle program will once again allow us to keep our soft plastics and single use food wrappers out of landfill.

At Noshu, 100% of our cardboard packaging is recyclable. We’re always on the look-out for even more commercially sustainable options, so we can reduce our use of plastics and transition to more biodegradable materials over time.

there's always
a noshu for you

And… if you have intolerances, special dietary needs or allergies, we also create some of our products to work with you too where possible, because everyone should be able to go donuts when the treats come out.