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What sweeteners do you use?
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We use a combination of these natural sweeteners in our products: Non-GMO Erythritol, Non-GMO Xylitol, Monk Fruit Extract, and Stevia Leaf Extract. Maltitol is only used in our Choc Chips due to its excellent bake stability.

What are natural sweeteners?

Natural sweeteners by our definition are sweeteners which are either non-nutritive (do not contain substantial calories per gram) or low-calorie sweeteners which are not classified as sugars according to FSANZ (Food Standards Australia & New Zealand). This means they are not mono or di-saccharides (simple or complex sugars). By ‘Natural’ we mean that they were sourced our derived from raw materials which exist in nature, not lab synthesized chemicals which are foreign to our bodies and synthetic in nature. Natural sweeteners include ingredients we use such as chicory root fibre (inulin), erythritol and xylitol (sourced from non-GMO corn), stevia (a herb) and monk fruit (melon) extracts. ‘Natural Sweeteners’ in Noshu world will never include alternative sugars such as honey, rice malt, coconut sugar and date syrup.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only distribute our products across retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

We are and will continue to review options for selling and/ or shipping our products internationally.

Can I order online?

At present, our products can only be purchased online from our major retailers- and

Which Noshu products are Vegan Friendly?
  • Choc Baking Chips and Dark Choc Baking Chips
  • Choc Chip Cookie Mix (can be modified to be Vegan Friendly)
  • Fudgy Brownie Mix (can be modified to be Vegan Friendly)
Which products are Dairy Free?

Please note: Many of our products are not manufactured in a strictly Dairy Free facility and therefore may contain traces of milk.

Below products are made from a Dairy Free recipe:

  • Donuts – icing may contain milk traces
  • Choc Baking Chips and Dark Choc Baking Chips (Vegan) – may contain milk traces due to shared manufacturing facility

These products can be modified to be Dairy Free:

  • Fudgy Brownie Mix
  • Choc Chip Cookie Mix
Are your products Halal?

Our products have not been certified Halal, though the majority of our products (with the exception of our Confectionery Jellies), are made without animal products. Please refer to the Ingredients list on the back of each pack for exact details. We do not want to make or suggest any claims that could compromise your dietary requirements in any way.

Are your products certified Kosher?

No. The ingredients in our products are generally suitable for Kosher diets, however the facilities in which they are prepared and the products themselves have not been certified. We do not want to make or suggest any claims that could compromise your dietary requirements in any way.

Are your products suitable for Keto?

Our Donuts, Blondies, Brownie Mix, Low Carb and Buttermilk Pancake Mixes, Milk Chocolate Melts, Low Carb Indulgence Bars, and Low Carb Nut Bars have been popular among the Keto community for their lower carb content.

As there are 4 different types of “Keto Diets” people follow:

  • Standard Keto Diet (SKD)
  • Targeted Keto diet (TKD)
  • Cyclical Keto Diet (CKD)
  • High-Protein Keto Diet (HPKD)

Each has a variation in carb allowance. It’s up to each individual to follow what works best for them and look for food options that fit within their chosen guidelines. You can view the net carb content in each of our products here.

Can I freeze the ready to eat products? How long for?

Our Donuts can remain frozen for several months. They will only stay fresh in a fridge for up to 28 days. Once fully thawed they are to be enjoyed immediately and are also delicious warmed up.

Noshu Funtella, Carrot Cakes, Banana Bread and Blondies can be frozen for a few weeks in an airtight container. They will need to remain chilled once removed from the freezer and consumed within 3 days or within the original best before date it was purchased.

Do you sell your products in bulk/ wholesale?

Yes, please send us an email through the wholesale form on our contact page.

I'd like to stock your products, how can I go about this?

Please send us an email through the wholesale form on our contact page giving us a little information on your business and what products you are after.

Are your products Diabetic Friendly?

Although we can’t provide health advice relating to the individual suitability of our products for T1 and T2 Diabetics – Diabetics are who we originally created Noshu products for! We know how hard it can be to find delicious treats that won’t have a big impact on BGL’s so we do our best to formulate Noshu products with this in mind, and proudly have a large community of diabetics who enjoy our products without adverse effects. In general, if you stick to the recommended serving size, most of our products being carbohydrate reduced and low in sugar plus high in fibre, are suitable. We would recommend starting with only one serving of our Snackles bars (which are made with puffed white rice and contain small amounts of sucrose) and any of our Baking Chips which contain Maltitol, to evaluate suitability. All of our other products have been thoroughly enjoyed by our Diabetic customers.

Where can I find/buy your products?

Our products are available at Woolworths, Coles and IGA supermarkets Australia wide, as well as Countdown, Pak’n Save and New World stores in New Zealand.

Why aren’t all of your products available at both Coles and Woolworths?

Coles and Woolworths make product ranging decisions independently. To that end, suppliers like Noshu present products for consideration to each of the supermarkets in product range reviews. Woolworths and Coles then make decisions on the products they would like to accept based on their customer profiles, the location and size of their stores and several other criteria. Ultimately, it is the Supermarket’s decision as the retailer to which products they will range – that’s why there is sometimes a small difference in the Noshu products ranged within a Coles compared to a Woolworths store, though we are working hard to ensure all of our products are ranged in all major retailers.

I can't find some of your products anymore?

A key component of managing Noshu is to review all aspects of our business in terms of performance for today and into the future, and part of that process is a review of our product portfolio and the products we carry in our range. From time to time, decisions are made based on several criteria on whether to maintain products or replace them with new products that may have more consumer appeal, are more unique or a better fit with our retailers.

Which of your products are Gluten Free?
  • Donuts (all varieties)
  • Brownie Mix
  • Choc Baking Chips (Vegan)
  • Dark Choc Baking Chips (Vegan)
  • White Choc Baking Chips
  • Milk Chocolate Melts
  • Low Carb Pancake Mix
  • Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Our ready-to-eat Blondies, Funtella Cakes, Low Carb Indulgence Bars (Cherry & Coconut, Coconut Bliss, and Peanut & Caramel Nougat only), Low Carb Nut Bars, and Less Sugar Confectionary Bars are all made from Wheat Free recipes however, they are not made in a dedicated Gluten Free Certified facility, hence we cannot make a Gluten Free claim due to the small risk of cross contamination on the production line from other Gluten containing materials. Depending on your tolerance level, this product may or may not be suitable for you.

Some of your product’s state ‘Wheat Free’, are they safe for coeliacs?

The products that state ‘Wheat Free’ are made from a Wheat Free recipe, however, they are not made in a dedicated Gluten Free Certified facility, hence we cannot make a coeliac safe claim due to the small risk of cross contamination on the production line from other gluten containing materials.

Are your products Nut Free?

Many of our products are made without using added nuts and the manufacturer does not have nuts on site. However, because it can’t be checked at every stage of the supply chain, we cannot claim our range to be 100% Nut Free. In such cases there is a may contain statement for the specific nuts.

Please note: Our ready-to-eat Blondies do contain nuts as they are made with almond meal.

Are your products safe to eat during pregnancy?

Although we can’t provide any guaranteed health advise in relation to our products and pregnancy, we can share that we have had a large number of customers consume our products while pregnant, with no issues at all.

Are babies safe to consume your products?

Although we can’t provide health advice, a number of our staff and customers have let their little ones try our products with no issues. We would recommend starting with only one serving of one product to assess and go from there.

How many carbs do your products have and is it NET?

All Australian nutritional panels are listed as NET (available) carbs. The fibre and all unavailable carbohydrates are listed separately to the carbohydrates, meaning you do not need to deduct this again.

Do your products contain allergens?

Any allergens that may be present in our products are stated under the nutritional panel of each product. It is important to check these statements before consuming.

What does the “May be Present” on the packaging mean?

Many of our products display a “May be Present” for certain allergens such a Milk, Ssoy, Sesame or Nuts. These ingredients are not part of our recipe; however, they were produced in an environment where products containing those ingredients are manufactured. We are unable to 100% guarantee that there is no possible traces of these allergens and any others listed on the “May be Present” statement. There is potential for cross contact even though cleaning is conducted on the production line, or from the supply chain of the raw materials used.

All products are labelled in accordance to the requirements of the Food Standards Code.

What is Erythritol?

Erythritol is naturally a zero calorie, zero GI food (a polyol) derived from starch using a natural process (enzymatic fermentation). Unlike artificial sweeteners, which are man-made synthetic compounds and do not occur in nature, Erythritol appears naturally in many fruits and vegetables such as pears, melons and grapes, as well as foods such as mushrooms, wine and soy sauce and cheese. It is tooth friendly and does not promote the bacteria that cause dental cavities like sugar does.

Why do you use Palm Kernel Oil?

The oil palm tree produces high-quality oil that is stable at high temperatures, odourless and colourless making it a suitable oil for our products. We care about our planet and use RSPO certified sustainable product, which is sourced from an accredited  plantation that has been a family business for over 100 years.

Why do you use Maltitol in your Choc Baking Chips?

Our customers were asking for a low sugar chocolate chip for quite some time – so we set out to create one for you.
 With numerous trials and errors we discovered that using other sweeteners such as Erythritol and even Xylitol, resulted in a sloppy chocolate chip shape that would not hold up in the oven. Maltitol it turns out, is still currently the only sweeter that allows chocolate to stay stable during baking.

As much as it’s not our normal alternative sweetener of choice, we decided to use it given choc chips are a small percentage of a recipe and do not make up the bulk of a treat, like eating a whole slice of brownie for example. Combined with the fats in chocolate, this further drops the Glycemic Index of the end product and when you eat this in moderation, we believe our choc chips are still a much better choice for customers wanting a low sugar option. We are still true to our core principles of being sugar free and not using artificial sweeteners. Which is why we have opted for a plant-based sweetener that has a low GI of 36 versus sugar which is 60.
We understand our choice may sadly not be a favourite to some and is not suitable for those who don’t tolerate this ingredient well or are following strict keto regimes. We will continue our R&D to hopefully find a suitable alternative and see how else we can possibly formulate these chocolate chips to make everyone happy.

Do your products contain alcohol?

Majority of our products don’t contain any alcohol at all, however, some of the natural flavours we use contain very small amounts, but the percentage in the end product after baking is very miniscule.

Do Noshu products contain any genetically modified (GM) ingredients?

No. We have a strictly ‘Non-GMO’ supply chain policy and we’re proudly Australian made and owned.

Can I eat your cookie dough raw?

You can eat our cookie dough raw if you follow the vegan friendly option, as that means it won’t contain egg.

Can I freeze your baking mixes once baked?

Yes! As long as they are stored in an airtight container, they can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months to be enjoyed later.

Do I need to store Noshu ready to eat cakes and slices in the fridge?

You don’t need to store them in the fridge; however you may find that they will stay fresher for that little bit longer if stored in the fridge.

Some are stored on shelf and some in fridge in stores, why?

It is up to the individual retailers as to where they store our ready-to-eat cakes and slices due to their specific store planning.

How do you melt your Choc Baking Chips?

We recommend melting our choc chips with a small amount of coconut oil to ease the process. This can be done in a bain marie or in the microwave. If you opt to melt the choc chips using a microwave, please reduce the power by 50% and heat in 20-second increments, stirring well between bursts.

My cookie mix looks too dry and crumbly, what can I do?

Please follow the directions as stated on the box and ensure that the dough is worked with your hands constantly until a dough ball forms. If you stop working it with your hands too soon, the dough will not have time to form. Using melted butter first will make the process easier. Trust us, the dough will form using only 1 tbsp of water.  Adding more water may cause the cookies to spread too wide when baking.

To reiterate, the trick is to start working the dough with your hands and do not stop until a dough ball forms! This can take up to 90 seconds and will not work without hand kneading.

Why don’t my cookies look fully cooked?

Provided you have not added extra water, our cookies are designed to remain slightly chewy on the inside with a light crunch.  When the cookie is fresh from the oven it will appear very soft and “uncooked” however, as the cookie cools it will harden.

My brownies were still gooey after baking, why?

Brownies are supposed to be a gooey texture and not cake like, so if you followed the temperature and bake time on the pack, they should be perfect and even firm up a little after cooling. If you still believe them to be too gooey, you can bake them for an extra 5-10 minutes as ovens do sometimes run hotter or cooler than others.

Can I substitute egg in your baking mixes?

Many of our baking mixes can be amended. Some popular options instead of using egg are mashed banana, a flax or chia egg, applesauce or powdered vegan egg replacer.

Can I cook your baking mixes in the microwave?

We don’t recommend baking our mixes in the microwave as the texture will be changed quite dramatically, though you are always very welcome to give it a go!

Is there anything I can add to the baking mixes to make them less sweet?

You can add in almond meal to the mix. You will also need to add bit of extra water to ensure the consistency remains.

Why are your products more expensive than “regular” products?

We use premium ingredients that offer a better-for-you alternative to wheat and sugar, which is found in most regular sweet treats. Unfortunately, these high quality ingredients do come in at a higher cost compared to wheat and sugar, which are some of the cheapest raw ingredients on the market.

Where are Noshu products manufactured?

All of our products are proudly manufactured in Australia. We work with a number of great manufacturers with specialised capabilities to bring you the best possible products we can.

Do you send out samples?

Sorry, we do not send out consumer samples upon request. We do have opportunities for you to win some of our products when we run giveaways through our social media platforms.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

Send us an email with your question through the general enquiries form on our contact page here.